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We have partnered with I=change to help you make a difference with each purchase you make.

With I=change $1 of your purchase goes towards 1 of 3 life changing projects. The choice is in your hands.

i=Change is a platform that enables us to turn every purchase into impact, and donate to important charities close to our heart with 100% transparency.

This means every time you buy from us, together we make a difference in someone's life.

How it works?


~ Simply make a purchase from our online store

~ On checkout of your order you’ll be presented with our charities

~ Select the charity you would like to support

~ We donate $1 on your behalf!

~ Enjoy some new swim, active or lounge and feel OH SO GOOD about it.

Shop as usual. Checkout. Choose where their donation goes.
Now your choice = change.

The projects we are currently supporting are:

Clean the Sea

The Challenge

Over 160 million tons of plastic is produced each year to create single-use disposable items and packaging.

With no established system to close the loop, this has led to over 70 years of accumulation of plastics in landfill (40%) and the environment (32%), with only 10% being recycled.

Plastics end up in waterways and oceans, breaking down into ever smaller pieces called micro-plastics, well known for entering the food chain through the water, air and food that we consume.

Seabin Smart Tech, similar to a rubbish bin X pool skimmer, removes floating plastics as small as 2mm, filtering 600,000L of water per day from oil and surface pollutants.

The Outcome

$ 1 =removes 1.2kg of plastic and debris from the sea

Empower a leader

The Challenge

With record numbers of daily COVID cases, India finds itself in a humanitarian crisis, pushing the most vulnerable people further into hunger and poverty.

The Hunger Project is working on the ground to create and enable COVID resilient communities, building peace, trust and cohesion - starting with women in the state of Rajasthan, who are faced with increasing threats to their safety.

The Hunger Project works with women elected to their local councils (panchayats). Often from low socio-economic backgrounds, illiterate and uneducated, they are thrust into positions of power for the first time.

Through The Hunger Project's 5-year training program, these women leverage their new power and influence to question and defy entrenched social norms; transform gender relations, role model leadership for adolescent girls, promote girls’ education, prevent child marriage, and advocate for transformative change in their communities.

The Outcome

$ 9 =trains 1 elected woman for 1 month to become a change-maker

Protect the Afghan people

The Challenge

The Afghan people, especially women and girls, fear a return to the darkest days. UNHCR is on the ground in Afghanistan, providing protection and relief to over 550,000 people forced to flee their homes.

With reports of women giving birth on roads without medical assistance, in times like this, women and children are often 50% of civilian casualties. In this emergency and beyond, UNHCR is committed to stay and protect.

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, works to protect and assist refugees everywhere.

The Outcome

$ 10 =provides a blanket for warmth, protection and shelter


"Connection and compassion are both our personal & brand values.

To focus our attention to create small chnages and drive these value forward are fundamental to the future we live in" ~ Lahana Co-founder

We are constantly aiming to do better and be better and this is one small step in the right direction! We are taking action for the planet and its people! We are committed to contributing towards a more inclusive and social responsible society!

You can track our impact via this link HERE

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